Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 191-November 7th: Math Interview and Eid

We had a ton of students gone today for the celebration of Eid. Anyway it was an okay day. The students were mostly calm, since there weren't so many of them, screaming for more classrooms with fewer students in each class. We got to read a book on Neil Armstrong today :) My pick for a vocabulary book, because it's a social studies non-fiction book and I'm going to integrate social studies anyway I can. This afternoon I had my math interview on fractions. I love when students are excited to work with me. Today the 5th grader I worked with asked diligently if he would get to work with me everyday. I sadly had to respond no. I worked super hard on my math paper, since I got a C on the last one (probably part of my reason for the depression.) This is the first (and hopefully only) C I will ever get. I think I did a great job on it. I cited a lot of evidence and reviewed it 2 times, unfortunately I forgot about finishing my laundry or the reading I was supposed to do tonight. I'll catch up on everything eventually.....

I fell in love with a song today :) I'll just let it tell you how I feel.

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