Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 200- November 16: realism

I rarely ever post the morning of the day I'm posting for, but I know precisely how today is going to go. It will end in pure and utter stress from tacking on a night class to my already crazy schedule. But it will be wonderful, because I'm treating myself to dinner out with my ILP girls at Annies. Burgers and Milkshakes here we come! I'm also going to try to workout after class. Wish me luck!

Yesterday I started to get insanely realistic about my choices for next year. Never a good thing. I should still be dreaming at this point. Sometimes I feel like I should just buy a globe, have someone blind fold me, spin it super fast and point my finger on any location. And that is where I should move. Maybe it will still get to that point, but for right now I have class to get to.

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