Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 194-November 10th: A lot of rainfall

Today was a really rough day. The kids were insane, and it was one of those days where I really didn't understand why I chose this as my career. I got home and hit a mental breakdown point when my English Language professor emailed me saying that I'd have to start my papers over because the student I was studying left. Therefore on top of all the teaching I will be doing next time I'm at the school I will also have to find three 20 min sessions for interviews with an individual kid, and time to re-write two papers and complete a third. Upon reading this something clicked and I started sobbing just thinking about all the stress of next few weeks. Luckily my teacher sent me home with some window markers :) Here is what I did with them:
"It takes a lot of rainfall for trees to grow big and strong"

"Ask Yourself: How do I want to grow today?"

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