Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 205-November 21st: new boots and conferences

So today I spent my lunch break shopping for new boots. It has come to my attention that I just simply will not have time to make it to the mall anytime soon, and the boots I wore today have holes in them. are my new black boots and my new brown boots (you have to change the color on the site.) I spent $120 with shipping, which I didn't think was too bad. And they were both rated super well by previous uses and were both listed as "super comfy." I'll probably spend a bit of money on some waterproof spray, but then I should be good to go. I also had conferences tonight. It was truly interesting to me. I got to meet with both the highest and lowest students, but it was wonderful, because Abby found points of work, and points of joy for both students (and all.) You go in trying your best not to judge the parents, but it's so hard when you know what some of the kids go through. I also got to see several of the conferences with a translator, which was quite interesting. I also stopped and got monistat for my yeast infection. Have I mentioned recently that I hate being a girl???

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