Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 207-November 23rd: Browns

It was my first Thanksgiving being able to drink out at the bars. So right after getting home we heading to the Brew Pub for a delicious stout, followed by some Octoberfest. Daryn had 2 more beers while me and Luka chugged some water. Then we did the traditional crossover to Nutz Deep 2, where I ran into my old Arby's manager. It was great to talk to him about life (he's living in the cities working as security manager for IKEA and has a cute little boy) and it was nice to hear another voice that was impressed with my achievements since I left the great roast beef. We quickly chugged our drinks and I took my first trip to Brown's. I plan on never going back. After getting hit on by some random guy, and then running into the entire class of 2008 (only the ones I get annoyed with) I just don't think i'll want to go back. I chugged my whiskey and we headed to the best bar in Marshfield for 2 bloody marys and cheese fries. Yum!

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