Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 218-December 4th: The week ahead.

Last night I slept with my body pillow, and it was super helpful. I got 8.5 hours of sleep, which was wonderful! It felt so good, and I woke up super relaxed. I also got 4.5 miles in at the gym today. I'm going to make it a priority to get to the gym this week at least 3 times, but this is my major week of teaching. I have at least one lesson everyday, if not two. I'm a bit nervous about my Social Studies lesson that starts tomorrow because my teacher hasn't given me any feedback. Then I realized that in her 9 years of teaching she has never taught Social Studies. Therefore I actually have more knowledge on the subject than she does. How strange! I also get to start my math lesson on Thursday and teach a reading lesson on thursday. It's gonna be crazy!

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