Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 225- December 11th: Long Distance

I got a lot done today. Woke up early, did some studying, finished a paper, started a lesson plan, did some more studying. I'm getting there. Anyway I had some time to think, and I got to thinking about how messed up long distance relationships are. I'm not talking about just boyfriend/girlfriend ones (been there, done that) but all relationships (Parent/kids, Grandparents/Grandkids, Friendships.) It's so weird in our technological society. I mean you can be so connected and yet, in reality be so distant. I find distance an immense pain in the arse. Why can't I just apparate (harry potter term for simple turning and being suddenly where you need to be.) You can text,  e-mail, call, and skype and still, you need that physical closeness for a relationship to really become something. How strange.....

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