Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 236-December 22nd: Appointments

Today was my buys days of appointments. I fit 4 in in 7 hours. Luckily all the places were running on schedule so I had time to run to target, clean my car, and eat lunch in between everything.

Check up went well. At first my blood pressure was in the "scary" range, but they re-took it at the end and it was fine. No shots, no blood drawn, just the uncomfortable papsmeer. But I made it through. I also talked to her about my extreme sleep problems and she suggested a few things including some supplements (hurray for a doctor who doesn't immediately go to chemical drugs.)

Then I headed to the chiropractor. Had to fill out of ton of paper work since our insurance changed, but things went well, and my back cracked wonderfully :)

Dentist was good. Except that they hygienist pointed out that my coffee consumption must have increased because my teeth are starting to get stained! :S I finally got to see my real dentist (he always happens to be gone when I come home to get my teeth cleaned) and when he asked me what I was doing next year and I told him about my new plans(spain) he informed me that another dentist's daughter works for a company who recruits teachers to teach in other countries. Turns out this dentist happens to be extracting my wisdom teeth tomorrow. I love going to the dentist. I always get told I have beautiful teeth.

Lastly I got to go to a new eye doctor. Not my favorite. They dilated my eyes, thus making it impossible for me to study upon my arrival home. :( Eyes are fine for now. Screw my genes. I'm fighting the glaucoma and macular degeneration. Not going to happen to me.

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