Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 234-December 20th: Spain and Thailand

On Sunday, as I drove home and was thinking about my life I decided that I wanted to teach in either Thailand or Spain. I don't know why, but I've always had a draw to Thailand. The draw to Spain is one of language. They speak mostly English, but if I stayed long enough I would potential gain the ability to speak Spanish.

Today I got to talking about 2 of my fellow ILPers about these options. One informed me that one of her best friends is currently teaching in Spain and that she loves her program. She then said she would be willing to give me her contact information so that I could learn a bit more about it. Um...yes universe? I'm listening. I said I'd go anywhere, and I meant it.

 After class we had a meeting with our program coordinator to talk about the gigantic amount of course work we have to do in January/February. There was also a guest speaker who handed out a info sheet about an opportunity to spend our May term teaching in Thailand. Of course, as he told me the cost ($4,000) my heart began to break. I left the meeting feeling completely overwhelmed and depressed about my finances.

Then I thought to myself on the way home about how much I need to do this, and how much I deserve to do this. I gave up a year of college to save money. I gave up studying abroad, and frankly I've been (for the most part) very frugal about my travel spending. I went on one spring break trip to Canda and spent a whooping $500. So...who cares if all my savings is gone and I can't make that down payment on my loans or a new car. Screw it. I want this, and I need to do this now while I have the chance, before I give up all my dream simply because I do not have the finances to cover them.

 So I applied.

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