Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 235-December 21st: Call it what you want

Done with my semester. My brother called my mom tonight and when she informed him I was studying he was quite confused. But I press on in my endeavors to get this damn license. So tonight I finished reading through the 400 page MTLE study guide. I shall give myself tomorrow to look over the TPA requirements, Friday to rest, and then I'll be back at it. Just created my official study schedule. Just double the pace I went through it last time. No big deal. Anyway on my way to my last class this morning I heard this song. Um love!

This song describes everything I feel about a certain someone right now. Although I may have uncertainties about my future I know that in some ways I will always be his "woman." Whether either of us likes it or not (hating it right now.)

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