Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 102- August 10th: Camping

Today was the full day of camping. The first day we basically got there, made dinner, went for a 2 hour hike, made s'mores and went to bed. On this day we got up and went fishing. Then we canoed out to an island to eat our delicious lunch of beef jerky, trail mi, fruit roll ups, and puppy chow! It was the best lunch ever. Then we went paddle boating and kayaking, followed by a quick swim. For dinner we had pizzas, and more puppy chow. Then we took a quick hike to wear off some energy and practiced some archery. We also couldn't help but play a game of been bag toss. We finished off the evening by writing thank you notes to Jen's mom and dad for letting us use their cabin. I posted a few photos below.
we found a toad on our walk in the woods

the lake we walked to

Me and Ben by the fire
Sam caught a fish!

The whole group on the little Island after lunch

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