Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 99- August 7th: Shoe shopping

Today I went shopping for running shoes at Fun and Run in St. Paul. I tried on 5 pairs and ended up liking the newer version of what I have now best. They were, unfortunately, $100. While this is an investment I need to make soon, I'm gonna see if I can hold off until I get my next paycheck, or better yet, until I get my security deposit back. After running shopping I went shopping for other shoes (I need dressy/comfy ones for teaching next year) and bought 2 pairs. However, these two pairs only cost $60 together. I got some more casual brown ones and some classy black ones. I think if I buy a pair of tan ones I should be good to go for matching any outfit that I have. yay! I also need to invest in a few dressy short sleeve shirts (I have maybe 2 that aren't T-shirts) at some point. So much I need, and so little money to buy it.

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