Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 122-August 30th: Ears

I woke up with my ears feeling super full. I felt like i needed to pop them, so I tried, but nothing happened. I tried everything to get them to pop, but they wouldn't, so after inservice I headed to Boyton. They didn't find anything wrong, but I was running a fever so they prescribed me some suddafed. Not sure that this will do anything, but now my ears just won't stop ringing. I did some research and found out it might just be stressed related, or it could also be due to my wisdom teeth. Agh! just more frustration. On the plus side I found out I can start moving in tomorrow night :) I should be able to get most of my stuff moved in, other than my big furniture. and perhaps I'll be able to start organizing things as well. :)

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