Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 98- August 6th: Scarred

This one will take awhile to explain, but I'm going to anyway. Today I spent most of my day doing some deep cleaning and relaxing. I watched a movie that I have watched several times and LOVE for some odd reason. It's about this system of timers that count down to the moment you are supposed to meet your "one true love." I don't believe in the idea of having "one true love" so the movie makes me a bit mad, especially because of the ending (I won't give it away.) Anyway in one part she is talking to a guy after she has had this timer removed(it's a bracelet inserted into your arm like an earring.) So he asked her if it scarred and she says "yes, you scarred me. In a really good way."

I just found this so odd. I've watched the movie 4 times now, and I never caught this line until now. I've never thought of scars as being good things, but after all the wounds of the last few years of my life are finally starting to heal I'm realizing how incredibly amazing scars are. I mean they show that by some small miracle you were able to survive all the hurt and pain. And the scars that aren't visible tell an even more important story. They show that you were able to work through that hurt and pain and become a better, and hopefully wiser person. That's one incredible feeling :)

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