Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 95- August 3rd: Cuties

So remember when I told you the family I worked for was adopting 2 children from China? Well today I got to spend some time with them finally. And, best of all I was able to snap some pictures. We went to the park, and it took them awhile to get used to it (for about 45 minutes they just stood and looked around,) but eventually we got them to play.

Jeanne, Sam, and Jack building castles!

Lan Ting dumping water

Sam and Jack with the buckets of water
This morning (the 4th) when I showed up for work sweet little Jack wouldn't stop flirting with me. He kept hiding behind my chair, and then popping up and smiling at me. Jeanne was overjoyed at the fact that he's already warming up to PCA's. Don't tell my boyfriend, but he may have competition with this sweet little boy.

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