Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 62- July 1st: a little too much.

Can't believe it's already July. Worked early today and got off early. spent the afternoon working on my paper, and I'm now almost 4 pages in! I decided that this meant I could take a break to party....mistake. So I turned 21 about 4 months ago, and I still haven't made it out downtown. John's roommate is turning 25 this weekend, so they had a get together at their house and then we went out downtown. The goal was to only have 3 drinks or so because i really wanted to work on my paper saturday. I only had 3 drinks, but 3 very strong drinks, and a few shots in between. We ended up going out downtown, and i managed to spend 30 dollars on cover charges and parking. What??? insane! anyway here are some pictures.
The gang at drink (I only know like 3 of these people...haha)

Me, Dave(his birthday) and Micah

Roomie pic!

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