Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 82- July 21st: trying to find the humor

Today was both good and bad. I gotta say that I feel close to tears at the moment, but life is too good at the moment for me to breakdown and cry. We spent our morning playing fun games outside and then we went to Chuck E Cheese with the kids. The only part of the morning/afternoon that sucked was that the medication I'm on for my UTI made me super nauseous.

When I got home from work I went for my long run of the week. I ran 5.85 miles, but was unable to do an extra block, due to, of course, my medication. about 35 minutes in I realized my skin was getting slightly pink and sunburned (a side effect of the medication.) anyway I made it through my 65 minutes, and then got home and began cooking dinner. I made delicious spaghetti, sat down on my bed, grabbed my computer to move it, and spill spaghetti all over my bed. I had just washed my sheets yesterday.

So I washed them out and tried to laugh my way to joes to put them in the dryer. agh!!!!!

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