Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 67- July 6th: Dream and Live

Midterm went okay. Just glad it's curved.

I have this rock in my room that I painted with nail polish when I was a little girl (something we would often do to stay entertained on camping trips.) It is one of the few things from my childhood that I keep out in open rather than in storage. On it are the words Live, on one side, and Dream on another. Whenever I notice I need to be spending more time doing one versus the other I flip it. This rock remains on my nightstand, so that I see it every morning when I turn my alarm off.

Today, after reflecting on my weekend, I decided it was time to switch it over to "live" for awhile. Recently I've been doing a lot of self-refelcting, trying to discover what exactly it is I want out of life. What I want out of life. Right now, however, there isn't much time for dreaming, and it's not getting me anywhere, so perhaps it's time to start living for awhile. And I mean really living. 

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