Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 124- September 1st: Meet your teacher night

Tonight was the first time I really felt like a teacher. As I woke up at 6 am to finish moving, got ready, and headed to school completely exhausted on 3 hours of sleep. We finished setting up our classroom and prepared materials and printouts for the night. By this point I was hardly able to stand on my feet. Luckily my wonderful boyfriend had brought me a frappucino that morning, so I sipped on that for the afternoon and was ready to go when the parents came. I also took my half hour dinner break to run to target and get some supplies and a small bag of food to take home. As I met parents and students I became overwhelmed. Not only are their so many names and faces to learn, but there are questions to answer. It seem almost impossible to introduce myself to everyone, and don’t even think about remembering names. Out of the 18 students who attended I remember maybe 5 of the faces with names, and I remember none of the parents. After this exhausting night I headed home to unpack until 11:30pm. What a long day! And I still had to get up for Friday’s all staff meeting from 8-12 and class work time from 12:30-4. 

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