Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 133- September 10th: Ecuadorian

Today I spent the day with my parents. We started the morning out at a cafe down by stone arch bridge. They got to briefly meet my boyfriend, which I think went really well. Then we walked around by stone arch for a little while and went to see the neighborhood where my school is. We ended up eating at a little Ecuadorian restaurant, which was so delicious. Here are a few pictures.
Mango and Blackberry smooties

Salad, Avocado, Rice, beef tips, fries, and plantains
After lunch we came back to my house and relaxed for a little while and then went to go look at the dams down by stone arch. We then met up with John again and went and saw Mill City ruins. Then my parents treated us to frozen yogurt. But the best part of the night (sorry mom and dad) was my 30 mins of cuddle time with John. Our schedules are just so crazy right now that every minute I get to spend with him is incredible :)

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