Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 146- September 23rd: A change of heart about Math

Today was a long day. I gotta say Language Arts used to be my favorite subject because I thought there was so much to it, and so many ways of thinking. Math used to be my least favorite subject, because I thought everything was so concrete. My methods courses are teaching me the exact opposite. There is one way to teach kids to read. For real. They say you should base it off the kids, but they are so precise about the order you need to go in and the books you need to read and how you need to read them. It's ridiculous. However, in math I'm learning that kids look at the problems in way different ways and that there are so many ways to solve for the problems. Studying how kids learn math has been very intriguing for me. Plus I LOVE my math professor. Which is wonderful since she is my Practicum University supervisor as well! (I have 6 total supervisors....)

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