Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 129- September 6th: Best First Day Ever!

I had a great first day of school! I'm already learning a lot and getting to know a lot of the students. My cooperating teacher has been super supportive and constantly asked me how I'm feeling and if I have any questions. I was amazed at how insanely fast 8 hours went. It was a shorter day and I got done at 3:30 (my teacher said she usually stays until 5.) We just don't have too much to plan for, since we are mostly running through routines and rules during the majority of our academic time. I'm already falling insanely head over heels in love with the students.

On top of a great day at school, my wonderful boyfriend took me out for dinner to celebrate our first day of school :) It was nice to talk to him about his day and just to see him. We went to Holy Land foods and split 2 of their meals (lamb kabobs and chicken with some spicy sauce on it, rice, pita, hummus, and salad.)

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