Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 131- September 8th: Another Wonderful Day

I started my day with a Fab 5 meeting. Fab 5 is a group of 5 people who all work in my elementary school. We were put into these groups at our first staff meeting and are required to meet with them 5 times before the next staff meeting. We met for 15 minutes this morning just to see how everyones first week was going (2 of us happen to be student teachers and 1 is a brand new teacher this year.) One of the members brought candy, and one member never showed up, but later came to my room with coffee to apologize. I love the members in my group :) My cooperating teacher let me go at 3, which was super early, so I got to stop at Savers (thrift store.) I found a few things for running when it gets cooler, and I found 2 nice looking shirts for student teacher. I came home and did speed work, which went well, and now I get to watch the Green Bay Packers play their first game of the season! What a great day!!!

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