Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 316-March 10th: a wandering mind....

Today I had off of work to take my final MTLE exam....hopefully. If I passed it will be the last. I'm not sure how to feel about it. I got home at like 10....wasn't even suppose to finish until 11, and so I had some free time. What did I do with it?
First I swept the kitchen. Then I worked on a few lesson plans for next week. Miss Rebecca asked me to do yoga with her, so I did a quick 20 minutes and boy was I shaky from all the coffee I had, so I had a glass of water, a small snack and headed out for a run. It was beautiful out (53 degrees when I left) and so I ran 5.5 miles. It felt so incredible to be outside in the warm sun, and my shorts and t-shirt were almost too hot. I seriously contemplated taking off the T-shirt, but my ILP belly(as I like to call it due to the stress eating of the program) made me think twice. A really great song came on my iPod (I'll post it below.)

Once home I showered and shaved for the first time since my birthday, and then I made lunch and some brownies. I continued to work on lesson plans, searching for haikus to use for examples to help the kids write their own. I was getting pretty tired, considering my day so I decided to take a nap. I finished up my haiku lesson plan and crawled into my bed. And then my mind began to wander....mostly back to the lyrics of this song I heard on my run, and I started to cry. It seems that as long as I can keep my mind on my career, and the day to day job that I love so much, I'm fine. But the second I have time to think about my actual life my mind wanders to the one place I don't want it to go. So here is the song and the lyrics with underlined and bolded parts that I feel.

it's all that i remember a sober night alone
and it took all i had not to call you on the phone
know that i was made for you
there is nothing i can do about it

i ran outside the bar
ringing in my ears
and i don't understand
it's been that way for years
you know the world will fall apart
if you broke another heart

coats are 'round in hiding
and up against the wall
your guns were made of iron
and he came and saved us all
pick it up and take it out
in a world of hell and doubt

listen to the liars
as they run the world

holiest empires
but nothing lasts for sure

can you help me turn it off
well it's all i could ever want

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