Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 334- March 28th: no freakout?

I'm wondering why I haven't had a freakout about moving to Albania yet. There are several possibilities. 1) I'm so very confident in my decision to go there 2) I'm just too busy with full time teaching at the moment to think about it 3) I am so glad that I finally have this portion of my future figured out, or 4) I still don't believe it is happening.

In my Literature Circle at class today I was talking to kids about how much more scary things can seem in the reality of facing them. I know I won't freak out to the point where I back out of this teaching position, but I can guaranty  you that there will be some sort of mental breakdown involving tears at some point. Probably upon actually buying my ticket or packing up my things.

Anyway, I did have a freakout on Sunday for a far different reason. In the moment it hurt me a lot and seemed like a huge deal, but now that I've had time to consider it and think about it, I'm happy about it.
I went out for some delicious ice cream to catch up with my bestie whom I haven't seen in awhile. We got to talking and as I talked I realized that maybe, in light of where I'm heading and the other news I got on Sunday I can finally make a break for myself. And finding myself. And figuring out what I want. And I'm glad I'm finally on that path :D

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