Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 332-March 26th: In love!

There is so much to think about that I'm absolutely overwhelmed. As I told my co-teacher that I got the job today I had a mini-freakout. Luckily I had to throw myself into preparing for my full day of teaching so I couldn't dwell. I thought I'd make a list of the reason I'm already in love with my new job/home.

1. The School Website: read the testimonials from past teachers and you will understand. I also got super excited looking at the after school clubs. Guitar club? Awesome! I want to help up with Drama and start a running club if they will let me :D I also read about a field trip where they went hiking in the mountains. So cool!

2. The food. I've been reading about all the delicious meat and veggies. Albanians love their fresh veggies and deep fried pockets with veggies and meat.

3. The school calendar. There are several Saturdays where I have inservice, but they are usually followed with a Friday off so I can travel. (bucket list of places to come soon)

4. My pay. Thanks to the U of M for putting me through a year long program of student teaching. I will be getting paid an additional 100 euros because of this.

5. The e-mail I just got from a first grade teacher. She told me that adjustment is fairly easy because the school is so helpful in finding a way to settle you in quickly and everyone is so welcoming. Doubts gone?

6. Folk music: apparently very popular in Albania, as well as folk dancing.

7. My backpacking trip with my brother. Why yes I already sent him the dates of my vacation so we can start planning.

8. The utter cliche of buying a one way ticket anywhere. Never thought I'd be the type to ever do such a thing.....crazy!

9. The climate: mild all year round. No extremes= one happy girl/runner :D

10. The language/flag: apparently the language is one of the hardest to learn. Super excited to learn at least enough to communicate. The flag looks so serious. Someone suggested I get a tattoo of it. We will see :D

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