Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 318-March 12th: stress eating

Today started out great. I thought my morning lessons went splendid :) and then my transitions failed. It was such a rough day that at the end of it I almost went up to my co-teacher to quit my position. But I took my minute to calm myself and focus on the good parts of the day. I'm not sure what exactly I'm doing wrong, and after talking to my co-teacher she's not sure either. Tomorrow I'm going to make some serious observations and notes about what she does and then on Wednesday I will take over again, choosing a few things to work on. I was told by my supervisor on Friday that I have too nice of a tone for the kids to take me seriously. So I was given the homework to look in the mirror and try saying things in a number of tones until I found a kind but stern one. So tonight I did. And hopefully it will get better.

The cookie dough ice cream certainly helped....i have serious stress eating issues.

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