Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 321-March 15th: The week I became a teacher and why

When I look back on my time this year it is clear to me that this is the week I became a teacher. Why, you ask? For several reasons.
1. I finally chose a few goals to work on instead of focusing on EVERYTHING at once. I'm a new teacher and I have a ton of goals, but my supervisor pulled me aside last week and told me to choose 2 to work on. And I did. And I was successful.
2. I worked my ass off. For real. I got to school at 6:50 everyday, left around 3:30 and came home and did more work from about 4:30-8:00. Insane, but worth it, because I can already see how it has and will pay off.
3. I became vulnerable. I broke down on Monday. But because of this vulnerability I finally faced my ultimate fear: that I won't be a good teacher. I expressed my concerns verbally to my co-teacher and several other people, and I realized my true weaknesses.
4. This quote:

I started to live my passion: teaching.

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