Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 291-February 14th: Valentines Day

I hate this holiday.  My valentines day message for you is as follows: Love should be celebrated 365 days of the year, not on some random day of the year decided on by Hallmark. Show your love every single day and to everyone you can.

I got to thinking about love today, and the love I've had and the love I've lost. I came to the following conclusion: As much as I hate being single I'm still so hurt from the last man I loved (and still love) that there is no way I'm ready to put my heart on the line for anyone else. Before I can take the chance of having it broken again I need to give it the time it needs to become whole and complete. If I don't, then any relationship I start will be half-hearted. And let's face it: I'm not the kind of girl who goes into anything half hearted (unless it is something I really dislike.) When I teach I teach my heart out. When I clean I do it well. When I drink I drink a lot. When I love, I will love my heart out.

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