Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 304- February 27th: Ain't No Rules

A few weeks ago I got Spotify and I love it. Basically you can listen to whole albums for completely free. I've been using it to check out all these artist that I love one song from. I posted one song from this artist before, back in like January. Anyway I fell in love with this song today. Underlined/bolded stuff that makes sense to me. 

The city buildings take my breath away 
The men who built them they risked their lives to say 
You gotta lose everything to know 
That you could gain the whole world if you don't 

When your fate’s tied to a balance beam 
And your feet could cost you everything 
You gotta break all the rules to know 
That there ain't any rules anymore 

You could stand in the rain to know my love won’t wash away 

I might bend until I break so I can see that I'm afraid 
But we won't know who we are without risking it all 
Baby I’ll risk you if you risk me too 

See her children how they learn to fly 
They fall from heaven in a blink of an eye 
I've seen her risk everything she's known 
Until there's nothing to fear anymore 

I saw an angel fly through hell today 
And as she passed I thought I heard her say 
Beauty isn't meant to be owned 
Unless you share with the rest of the world

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