Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 302-February 25th: Things I learned at a party

Wow. We decided to have a party last night and to say it got a little out of control would be an understatement. I spent the majority of my night juggling the chaos of having a bunch of people I randomly know there who don't know each other.

I started out my night with a great chat from one of my old friends who recently studied abroad. I haven't seen him in a about a year and half so it was nice to catch up. I got some advice about teaching abroad: do it.

Then I played some catch phrase and started drinking. I talked to my roommates friend, whom i've hated with a passion mostly because he's a viking fan. At the last party we had a made him a bet. Something about me running naked if the vikings EVER win the superbowl. Anywho.....turns out he's a great guy. I got to talking with him about what he does for work. He works for a company that sets up programs to help kids from inner city schools get on an educational and financial path to college. He basically talked my ear off about how much he loves his job. Don't ever judge a book by it's cover. I definitely thought he was just some lazy college student.

Then I went to the neighbors party with him to look for our roommate (who was completely insane.)  Upon arriving back I got asked to have a little chat in my room from my ex. What ensued was me completely breaking down in tears(I cried for about and hour after this), realizing how emotionally messed up I am, and a very rude and uncalled for text to another ex. Dumb Tiara....this is why you don't try to be friends with your ex boyfriends. Lesson learned? Eventually I calmed down and went to bed. Thank god.....

The roomies prior to the craziness....except Devi, who is always cray-z!

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