Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 299- February 22nd: Respect

Today I drove to Faribault to pick up one of the kids from the academy for the blind. Agh! I got so insanely lost and this puppy kept running in front of my car and I nearly killed it 3 times. I was screaming/swearing at it. How can you not understand that you need to get out of the way of a moving vehicle?? Anyway after I finally lost it on a road where I could go a little faster I came across a cool sign. If I hadn't been 30 mins late to pick this child up I might have stopped to look closer. And turned out after doing some research it may have been an anti abortion sign, but what I took from it is what I'm still going to use. All I saw was "Respect Life." And I thought to myself "Absolutely." I don't have to love life, or even like it right now, and lets face it at this moment I didn't. But I still had to respect it, because it's a gift, and an authority figure. The more respect I give it perhaps the more I'll get in return??

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