Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 246-January 1st: Lambeau Field and the accident

Well lets just say that 2012 did not get off to a great start. Me and Daryn started our epic trip to Green Bay at 6:30am. Needless to say the roads were awful. Wind blown snow was everywhere. Once we got on 29 we thought everything would be so much better, but it wasn't. For 5 miles everything would be great and then for another mile you would hit a bunch of ice and slush. At one point my car suddenly spun out of control. I did a huge 360 and then continued to fishtail until I landed the car safely (kind of) into a side rail. This honestly was the best option if I didn't want anyone to get hurt or die. My car is pretty bad (took off a good corner) but not one was hurt. Daryn took over driving, and eventually after calling my parents and another 10 minutes on the rode I had a good 15 minute cry session.

We made it to the game and I cracked open a beer almost immediately. Then we ate some breakfast. After using some duct tape to repair the car I was forced to take 4 apple pie shots with the guys we were tailgating with. We headed to the game and I proceeded to pour beer all over a guy...whoops! I apologized about 80 times and he kept saying he didn't care.

The game was incredible, though I wish I wouldn't have had to pee so many times during it. Flynn synched 2 Packer records. Wow!

The ride home was rough and scary. Wind was bad, and there were a lot of cars in the ditch. After making it home we stopped for some dinner (a bloody mary and cheesfries) at the neighborhood. I then came home, and after having my parents look at the car started sobbing and couldn't stop for a good hour or 2. Tears just kept coming back.

This was the deciding factor. Right after the crash the first thing that came to my mind was thank god I'm going to Lambeau. The second was that I don't care how much it costs I'm going to Spain. Screw Minnesota, screw Arizona, screw Texas, screw North Dakota. I want to go to Spain.

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