Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 260-January 14th: A Day of trials and rewards

What a day.

I started by waking up and immediately saying to myself "Go Pack Go!" Then I chowed down some eggs and an apple for breakfast and drove to Brooklyn Park to take my Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examination. It was a rough one, as I mentally made it through all 150 questions,  as quickly as possible. Then I came home, chowed down a handful of almonds and headed to the gym to run a mile and put in 3 miles on the elliptical. Nothing like a good work out :) I came home completely mentally and physically exhaused. I chowed down some leftover mexican hot dish, an orange, and a chocolate chip cookie (courtesy of my roommate.) Then I allowed myself and hour of rest on the couch, watching cupcake wars.

Becky and I had a study afternoon plan, so we headed to Overflow Cafe for a good 4 hours of studying/writing. Studying for her (she takes her LSAT next month) and writing for me (my thesis is due in less than a month and I just started it 3 days ago.) I finished the majority of the first section: my lesson plan (totaling 12 pages for now (will end up at about 25 by the time I create all the assignments and work pages and insert them,) all but one section of my context for learning (2 pages) and 3 out of 9 single spaces pages for the planning commentary. There are 5 sections, but I think this one is the longest--at least I hope so.

Then I lost my Big Mac virginity. They were buy one get one for 12 cents today, so me and Becky figured we deserved it.

Now I prepare for the relaxing evening ahead: working on creating homework pages, rubrics a game for my lesson, as I watch a movie with my girls. yay!

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