Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 276-January 30th: a long run :)

Today I went for what I hoped would be a 4 mile run. It turned into a 4.6 mile run. Love it! I did a lot of thinking while I was running and I thought I would add the list of things I've been given. (see post from a few weeks ago.)
1. Legs to run. How lucky am I that I can work out and enjoy it?
2. Hot sexy legs. Don't pretend you aren't jealous. They are full of scars and I used to hate that but now I love it! Especially the one from Superbowl weekend last year. What a great memory.
3. While we are on the topic of good looks I'd like to say that I have been given one hell of a set of boobs. Thanks for the great genes rents :)
4. Serious time management skills. (Or I just don't have a social life. Which works for me least for now.)

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