Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 253-January 7th: my night out

I'm trying to take some time off before my classes start and next weekend when I take the MTLE/ spend my whole weekend starting the TPA (what can be considered my thesis) which is due 2 days before my birthday. It's all just very stressful. So, tonight was my last night off before the chaos. Me, the Beckster, and Alyssa spend the first half of our evening drinking strawberry daiquiris and talking about life (mostly girl stuff.) Then Becky and I headed to Blarneys (yuck...finally lost my Blarney's virginity) and the Library. At the library some nice boys introduced themselves and bought us drinks (at Becky's request.) Then I noticed one was wearing a packer hat. Score! I spent my evening talking to him about Aaron Rodgers, Lambeau Field and the wonderful Green Bay Packers. Then I had a delicious Gyro and went to bed. Did I mention that I started writing a lesson plan while drunk. Oh the silliness of being an adult and not yet being one. I looked at it this morning and it wasn't too shabby...

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