Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 339-April 2: A marvelous day

Today was my last day of full time student teaching. I just felt as if I was getting the hang of things, but seeing as the MCA exams are in about 2 weeks I was more than happy to give Abby her class back. The rest of this week I will be finishing up my unit plan (finally on the third grade standards) and teaching writers workshop. It seems like nothing.

It was a marvelous day for numerous reasons: I left the school by 3:30pm. What?!?! Then I got to go get half of frozen yogurt with my best friend. YUM! I came home and got an e-mail from Albania informing me that they are going to be paying more than they originally proposed :D and now I'm heading out to the 331 club for some free bluegrass music and 2-4-1 tonics to celebrate my brother's birthday. Did I mention my wonderful short run? What a great day!

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