Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 365- April 29th: Final post?

Well....I made it! 365 posts in 365 days. I have to say that I did a far better job of keeping up on this blog than in my diary. For those of you who read it, thank you! I hope you found some knowledge, or listened to a good song, or learned something interesting while reading. I suggest that everyone take part in some sort of reflection similar to this. Jot yourself a sentence each day, or take a picture of something important. It is so intriguing to look back and see how much has happened and how much I have grown in the last 365 days.
Is this the end? Of this blog, I believe so. However you should check out my other blogs. I'm hoping to start training for a half-marathon again this week. If you are interested please read about it at Training. I also started a brand new blog tonight. This new blog will focus on my preparations for traveling and my experiences in Albania. It also has a super cool title: Tiara Teaching and Traveling in Tirana.
I will leave you with the most important thing I learned during my 365 days of blogging: There are many important things in life, and  a lot of unimportant things in life. But each thing has its importance in that particular time and place.

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