Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 357-April 21st: The Larvae Lounge

It was a rough, roller-coaster of emotions day. I started out the morning with a summit, and then thankfully headed into town for some real food and a bloody. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting by the wood stove drinking more summit and wishing that someone had a copy of the roses 2 so that I could listen to Broke Down Palace, Return of the Grievous Angel, and One More Love Song, among others. The weekend wasn't awkward at all (sarcastic) but I survived it as well as I could. Beer, Whiskey, cookies and sleep.

Mostly by the end of the night I just felt relief. I'm so happy and content with life, so why should I let anything make me feel otherwise? Once I realized this I was able to just go to sleep realizing the sooner the morning came, the sooner I could come back to my amazing life in the cities.

Thought it was a rough weekend (as the barn always is) I cannot wait to go back in July!
The bands were absolutely incredible!

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