Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 340: April 3rd: One Way Ticket

Ticket purchased! Biggest purchase to date, and probably one of the most important purchases of my life. I briefly hesitated before clicking the "confirm purchase" button. I was on the phone with my mother and asked her if she was ready. She responded with "I don't think I'm the one who needs to be ready sweetie."  I think I was more freaked out about the money (which I get reimbursed for when I show up) than the actual thought of moving.

I was very thoughtful in choosing both the time and location of my layover. I didn't not want to be running through the JFK airport with only 2 hours to get from one place to the next flight. And I certainly didn't want to spend 14 hours by myself in the airport in Istanbul. I also didn't want a 10 hour layover that ended with boarding at 4:20am. Who is up at that hour? Flight leaves at 3:40pm, I have a 6 hour layover in Chicago, 12 hour flight overnight and then 2 hours in Istanbul. Should be alright, though I'm a bit nervous about flying by myself for the first time, especially in such a high stress situation. I'll charge up the ipod and make myself a "freakout" playlist.

Can I just say that there is an extreme thrill in purchasing a ONE WAY ticket somewhere. Cross it off the bucket list.

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