Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 341- April 4th: move

Let's take a step back from constantly discussing my future life (although I'd love to talk about the insaneness of trying to get an appointment with Boyton's travel clinic.) I finished my full time student teaching on Monday and since then I have been utterly bored. I've lost all motivation for the very little school work I have left, and my time feels wasted as I simply watch most lessons. I'm still teaching 2 subjects a day, but it just doesn't feel like anything.

I want to be spending my extra time running, but my left ankle is acting up again. I've been using my extra time to simply walk, trying to prepare myself for the training I should start in about 2-3 weeks. Tonight I was dying for a run so I convinced myself that 2 short miles couldn't hurt anything. AGH! I'm now in serious pain, and my half marathon is looking further and further from sight.

I'm so ready to pack my bags and move. I'm just sick of being stuck still. I need to move. And I refer to the word move in way more than one way. I need my life to move forward. I need my career to grow. I need my feet to move so I don't go crazy. I need move away from this place, and see some new scenery. I need to move toward new fear and experiences. Mostly I think I need to move away from the life I thought I wanted, because I don't want it.

5 months ago I was convinced that moving to North Dakota was the best option for me. So glad I was smart enough to reconsider that. I would have ended up the most unhappy person in the world. Time to move on...

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