Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 361-April 25th: :(

Today we finished taking the MCA's! Meaning that I can finally teach my students real things again :D

I also found out some very sad news. I've been working with one particular student in her math work. She came in far above grade level in reading, but was at about a 1st grade math level. I've been working with her for 15 minutes at the end of the day on basic math skills, and I've been very impressed with her progress. I think she is at about where she should have been in the beginning of 3rd grade. I was looking very forward to my last 6 weeks with her, and using it as an opportunity to really practice what we have learned. However I found out today that Monday will be her last day, and therefore I only have two 15 minute sessions left with her. Almost cried. I cannot become this attached to students. That is just not healthy at all.

Speaking of not healthy I have this weird partial sickness thing going on. scratchy throat, stuffy nose, but not bad enough to notice much. just annoying.

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