Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 348-April 11th: Trampled by Turtles Day!

Happy one month left of my school! I found out today that I passed all my state exams. Just have to finish one more month of service and 3 more class session and I'm done :D

Also, more importantly, happy Trampled by Turtles day! The mayor of Duluth and Minneapolis showed up at the concert tonight to declare today a Trampled by Turtles day. Love it! They also did stage dives into the crowd. It was an amazing show, ranks among the best I've ever seen. During "Wait so Long," and "Alone" I almost cried, and I'm convinced that if they would have played my song (Empire) I would have. And even thought it's nearly midnight and I'm putting in a 13 hour day at the school tomorrow I'm not one bit tired. I'm going to need a large cup of coffee in the morning.

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