Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 35- June 4th: Dairyfest/ 50th birthday parties

Marshfield has an anual celebration called Dairyfest. We woke up Saturday morning and went out for breakfast and headed to the parade for a bit. About 10 minutes in we got bored, so we just went to the bar and had a beer. After this we walked around for a bit and saw the University of Wisconsin marching band. There were some really cute guys. By the time we made it back to a house I was burnt. Super burnt.

We spent the rest of the night celebrating the 50th birthday of 2 of our friends parents. Daryn and John played some music, we all drank a lot, and ate some food. This was a great night. I'd like to thank Mike Kluball for the ride home. and the sweatshirt.

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