Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 41- June 10th: Last Day at Wilson Library

Today was my last day of work at Wilson Library. I have to say this was the perfect job for me throughout my undergrad. I got to spend about half of my work hours at the copy center desk doing homework. This allowed me to work for 15-20 hours a week and still keep up with my 18 credit load. In fact, I wish I could spend the rest of my summer here, seeing as I just got my horrible reading schedule for my summer school class.

I started this job first day of my freshman year. I was so confused. People kept asking me questions about the library, none of which I could answer, considering it was my first time there as well. After getting very few hours per week (only about 8-10) and still getting paid minimum wage in my Sophomore year I had decided it was time to start looking either for a new job, or a second job. About a week after applying for several, my boss offered me a promotion to "lead student." This came with a $2.25/ hour pay raise and I was one of the first to have my schedule chosen, meaning I was able to get more hours.

Throughout the day people have been stopping by to say goodbye, and I have to say that it seems surreal that in a mere 2 hours I will officially be done working here forever. I will miss all the wonderful employees, the "interesting" patrons, and most importantly my self-reflection/dancing time in the stacks. It's been a great three years Wilson Library, and while I'm excited to move on to my new job, I'm sad to leave this "second home."
Wilson Library

The cafe directly across from the desk I work at

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