Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 31- May 31st: ILP Placement

Today I went to meet my co- teacher and see the school I will be teaching in. Highland Elementary is a school with a very highly diverse population. There is already one co-teacher in the classroom I will be in. She helps teach during reading/writing time, as well as some math lessons and is an ELL specialist. The teachers vowed to find space in the room so I could have my own desk. This was the moment I fell in love. They want me to have my own space :) Abby (the main teacher) also asked if I would be willing to get together a few times in august to retrieve some materials from her and to work on planning out units and lessons for the year/ first few months. She is so on top of things, that I know it will be a good fit :) I can't wait to start, although I have a feeling I will start really loving my summer soon.

I also read a chapter of "The Way We Are" by Wheelis. This chapter was on desire and it had some really good (and long) quotes. I chose only 2 to put on here. Enjoy.

"I am full of desire. Never straight up, balanced, but always learning, I fall in love easily, a small push will do it. And when it happens I always feel I am possessed by—am in possession of—something unique and precious, something that alone can lift me up out of the flat world of dailiness into the higher realm for which life must be destined. Then I want desperately for it to last forever. And when it crumbles, as it always does, I find that I had been in possession only of something ordinary." 

"Desire is endless and unappeasable, it is most intense where most forbidden, and is never far from despair."

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