Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 46- June 15th: About being a teacher

When people hear I am going to be a teacher they react in one of several ways.  I can tell a lot about who people are based on their reaction.

Those who react by mentioning something about the money I will make have never known true happiness. They try to buy happiness. And while I agree that money has it's benefits, people need to learn to have fun without a lot of it.

Those who react by mentioning something about Scott Walker right off the bat are too involved in the world. I agree the guy is an asshole, but there is sooooo much more to education than policy.

Then there are the people who ask me the daunting questions. What grade do you want to teach? Where do you want to teach? What subject do you want to teach? All the questions I have no answer for. These people like to pretend they care, but most of them don't really. They don't know that none of that stuff matters when you are teaching. It's about philosophy, and it's about individual kids. You can't lump them into a grade, or a place.

But my favorite people are the ones that say something like "wow!" or "good for you!" These are the people who get it. Those who are encouraging and keep my spirits high about the subject.

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