Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 38- June 7th: Problems!

My car was finished being fixed last evening around 7. So I woke up early to come home and get my long list of things done, including putting up my new curtain, putting away my clean clothes, grocery shopping, and getting my bike brakes fixed.

I took my bike in and they told me I needed to get my whole braking system replaced and my chain also needed replacing. The total for this was going to be around $70.

I then walk home (in 100 degree weather) and go to the store. On the way there my car erupts in a high pitched squeal for about 10 seconds. a few minutes later it does it again. I call my dad, he says to take it in to get it fixed right away. I finish my shopping, and on the ride home it does it 2 more times. I call 2 car places and the second one says they can get me in today.

I drive my car over and am currently sitting in a coffee shop a block away waiting for them to figure out what it wrong with it. I just got a call from the bike place that when they went to test out my bike a tire popped. So after a long day I will be out about $200. AGH!

did I mention I spend the last 3 hours on the shorter of my 2 reading for my summer school class? What a shitty day!

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