Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 40- June 9th: Some quotes to ponder

I finished "The Way We Are" by Allen Wheelis today at work. I will leave you with my favorite quote from each of the last 3 chapters.

“Pain is not the main thing,” she says, “not the worst thing. It’s not even very important. Worse is to play it safe, never to risk everything for the one bit thing that comes only once, that looms, for a moment only, and then is gone. Once and once only. There’s just a moment when we can go for it, leap, spend it all; of be prudent, hang back, listen to the cautious voice around us, and see that one big thing disappear forever.”

I should accept change not because I cannot anyway prevent it, but because it is life itself. love and the end of love, like life and death must be praised as one. 

We say we want love, and surely we do, but we want it to flow toward us, a great wave splashing over us, bountifully; we are not so eager that it flow outward, away from us to others who might need it more than we.

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