Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 37- June 6th: Stuck in the Marsh

I was supposed to leave this afternoon after my car was fixed, but it still wasn't fixed at 6pm, so i decided to wait until tomorrow morning to leave. I don't like driving alone at night.

I spent my day running around doing errands. I started by going to the chiropractor and he worked on my sore ankle a bit. Then I went to target and got a bunch of new clothes for only 35 dollars. Then I ran to Webers Dairy Farm to get a bunch of Wisconsin Cheese to take back with me. After this I went and got a new phone. Mine got a bit ruined at the Larvae Lounge Music Festival. It wouldn't turn on for a day and then worked fine, but there is no US cellular in the cities so I decided to just get a new one while I could.

I also got to meet Lily, the daughter of one my best friends from grade school. She was adorable!

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